Adam Dole

Co-founder/VP Strategy @betterPHA. Former PIF who worked on Blue Button. Lives in Palo Alto, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

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Ian Kalin

Chief Data Officer for @CommerceGov. Veteran of @USNavy, CleanTech, @Energy, @Google and @Socrata. Proud husband and father.

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Jackie Kazil

Computational social & data scientist; loves gov; served in journo & civic roles. Founder PyLadiesDC, GeoDC, & leader of PyLadies Int'l.

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Robert Read

Robert L. Read helped start 18F. He is currently creating a charity Public Invention for All Humanity (PIFAH).

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Vidya Spandana

Entrepreneur. Presidential Innovation Fellow Alum. Engineer. Startup Mentor. Open Data. Gov Tech. Global Development. Inclusion. Growth.

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