PIFF Grants

The PIF Foundation ("the Foundation") specifically seeks to advance the mission of Presidential Innovation Fellows program.

We can do this by providing micro grants to support individual activities that are aligned with the goals of the Foundation. Regardless of status, anyone may request a grant.

Our general guidelines for such grants are:

  • Grants will be subject to the dynamic funding situation of the Foundation.
  • Our general level-of-support target is $500. However, each grant is individually evaluated and exceptions may be made for larger amounts.
  • Grants can be used for anything that advances the Foundation mission.
  • The Foundation particularly supports events that foster diversity, engage young people, address major American, social, and world problems, and promote civic involvement.

In order to receive a grant, the proposal should be made to the Board and approved before the expenses are incurred. Grant requests for sponsoring events that promote the PIF program are invited. For sponsored events, our preference is to transfer funds directly to the organization hosting the event, rather than to an indvidual. However, we may reimburse a Fellow or other individual for expenses incurred when directly supporting the event, such as signage and office supplies, if properly documented by receipts. The Foundation will not pay for personal expenses, such as travel expenses, without prior approval.

How to apply for grant

Please email PIF Foundation Outreach at outreach.piffoundation@gmail.com and provide the following information (approximately 1/2 page):

  • Grant objective
  • Grant amount/size
  • Grant beneficiaries
  • Grant follow-up
  • Preferred method of fund delivery

Or fill out the Google Form.