Open AI-based Clinical Trial Matching API Launched at the White House in an HHS Innovation Initiative by TrialX

he U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sponsored TOP (The Opportunity Project) Health Sprint culminated with a closed door showcase at the White House Executive Office of the President on Feb 28th, 2019 followed by live demonstrations at the Census Bureau Headquarters on March 1, 2019. Jointly organized by the Office of the Chief Technology Officer and Presidential Innovation Fellows, the 14-week challenge cum sprint selected half a dozen leading technology companies, including TrialX, to create digital tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and open government data, to facilitate easy access to experimental therapies for patients and vice versa.

"Matching and connecting patients to clinical trials still poses significant hurdles and it is exciting to see the various approaches that the TOP Health sprint teams have taken to solve this complex problem. The challenge provided us the opportunity to develop innovative AI-based techniques to match patient information to clinical trial criteria and we are looking forward to releasing these developments in our patient recruitment platform, iConnect," said Dr. Sharib Khan, Co-founder and CEO of TrialX.

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Katie Easton