“Meshing with Data” Hackathon 2018, Bayamón, Puerto Rico

This was a great hackathon; I was honored to be one of several professional mentors. I particularly enjoyed that this hackathon was extremely well organized and devoted to humanitarian efforts in the form of emergency communications and communication resiliency — the theme was radio meshing, but after Hurricane Maria everyone seemed to interpret that in a humanitarian light.

The projects were on the whole more successful than most hackathons I have been to — though as always, many of the projects were nascent and a few teams even dropped out. I personally learned a lot about modern radio technologies, though I’m happy to say I also helped a few teams in some circumstances, although they didn’t keep me busy the whole time. I was able to use programming, breadboarding, and brainstorming skills. I would have been happy to do more than I did, which was spend about 1/3rd of my time actively helping teams.


Katie Easton