Bay Area Data Scientist Launching Environmental Storytelling App with Access to Global Satellite Images

Tucked among paleoanthropologists, ocean explorers, and astronauts, several of Silicon Valley’s emerging innovators will take the stage this week at the National Geographic Explorer’s Festival in Washington, D.C.

Among them is UC Berkeley-trained data scientist and San Francisco resident Dan Hammer. During a Friday panel on “The Power of Data-driven Storytelling,” he’ll announce a partnership between National Geographic, the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, and the nonprofit he co-founded, Earthrise Media.

In conjunction with the development of The Tech Museum’s new Center for Technology and Sustainability, the Bay Area startup plans to launch an educational app that will file large quantities of satellite imagery from companies such as DigitalGlobe into a database, where it can be picked through and analyzed by unlikely environmental watchdogs: high school students.


Katie Easton