A Day in Post-Maria Utuado, Puerto Rico

My taxi driver from the San Juan airport to my nice hotel had no light in her home. She charged her cell phone in her car and used it as light. When I offered her the solar powered battery/lamp combinations I had brought to give away, she got very excited, and wanted one for her friend who was also in the dark. I demurred, perhaps wrongly — this trip has been all about learning, and I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

The next day, Art and I were picked up the Enrique Mendoza, a University of Illinois grad with a law degree from the University of Puerto Rico, and now the Executive Director of the Carlos Beltran Academy for talented Puerto Rican baseball youths, and went to buy 20 5-gallon bucks. I had brought 50 Sawyer Point One water filters, 10 Lifestraw Family water filters, 20 Hiluckey solar-powered batteris, 25 Anker solar USB chargers, and 20 Suaoki solar lanterns in my luggage, and we put as many as we could is his SUV, along with the buckets and my portable drill.


Katie Easton